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The businesswoman who turned an Economics degree into a beauty salon

By Bhavi....

“If I didn’t believe in myself, I wouldn’t have got this far and there’s so much more I want to do. Success depends on how much you want to work for it.”

"The business’ success lies in its flexibility to quickly cater to new demands."


To look your best

From the platform of Slim Bodyline Clinic, I’ve been providing outstanding treatments to the public in London since 1997. I’ve demonstrated staying power, which is a testament to the quality of my work and the therapists I train personally. I continue to invest in our salon and spa, making your treatments even more enjoyable and relaxing. Slim bodyline Clinic

To feel your best

At Slim bodyline Clinic, I offer an array of slimming treatments including Thermojet Body Wraps, LPG Endermologie Deep Massage Therapy Treatments, Arosha Body Wraps and Universal Contour Body Wraps. We are also proud to offer you as quick as 30 Day body changing challenge for your big day. Explore our full range of Slimming Treatments. Slim bodyline Clinic

To be your own boss

I have always been passionate about beauty and I still am. I want to teach enthusiastic pupils the techniques that I have created throughout the years. I want to see my pupils achieve their dreams just like me. So, here I am with all my experience and many talents to grow lifelong learners. Anyone above the age of fourteen can join. So, why wait? Cloud18 Beauty Training Academy Cloud 18 Beauty Training Academy

Biography By:

Tasneem Ghafouri

“I was so scared of not knowing English, but my passion for beauty overcame it,” Bhavi Makhani says. At 19, Bhavi arrived in the UK from India as a newly-wed, with little spoken English. She had to put aside her Economics degree she just achieved, to pursue a career less reliant on speaking skills. With a few classes, Bhavi qualified at The London College of Beauty Therapy (LCBCT). The next step was to open her own beauty salon. At the time, Bhavi says her husband thought her business plan was too ambitious and didn’t support her. She says: “It was tough, but I worked in a factory for a year to save up.” In 1997, beauty salon Slim Bodyline Clinic was born. The businesswoman stumbled across her first branch of Slim Bodyline Clinic on a walk around Oxford Street and didn’t hesitate to approach the owner. Bhavi says: “I rented the place for a year, then had to prove I could pay my rent and service charge on time to get a lease.” Slim Bodyline’s loyal customers and Bhavi’s hard work allowed her to get a lease. It started as one little orange and black themed salon tucked away in the fourth floor off Oxford Street. Now, Slim Bodyline has organically grown to seven branches across London. Learning many hard lessons throughout her journey, Bhavi knows what to look out for in business deals. “You forget realities when people talk sweet to you, you’re given the warmest welcome and persuaded to forget about certain things,” says Bhavi. The businesswoman stresses the importance of always ensuring every aspect of a business deal is written in print and signed. Bhavi says: “There will come a time where you have regrets but it’s too late to do anything.” Slim Bodyline operates in the health and beauty sector, which is expected to reach £26.7bn by 2022, according to GlobalData. Motivated by competition, Bhavi says: “I’m not afraid of it. In fact, it’s good for businesses because it means you always have to set higher standards to keep up with your competitors.” Slim Bodyline is the only place in London that offers Thermojet treatment together with an Endermologie treatment by LPG to reduce the appearance of cellulite and specialised slimming services, setting it apart from other beauty salons. The business’ success lies in its flexibility to quickly cater to new demands, such as male grooming services. This began when Bhavi received a male customer who she politely didn’t serve as they weren’t catering for males. Shortly after, she noticed the demand for male grooming and created the services for it. Juggling multiple responsibilities as a businesswoman and mother, Bhavi realised the need for young girls to learn skills and earn an income. She’s currently getting a teaching qualification and intends to teach eyebrow threading in secondary schools. “It’ll be a three-day course and by the end of it, the girls will get certificates. It only costs 50p for some thread and they can make so much money out of it,” says Bhavi. From someone so nervous about learning English and starting her own business at a young age, Bhavi has blossomed into a successful businesswoman. She smiles from ear to ear and says, “My husband is my inspiration”. Bhavi’s husband now handles the accounting side of the business and helps her with the admin work. Looking towards the future, Bhavi wishes to set up schools in India to train girls in beauty services and give them qualifications. She is looking to build three schools starting in Mumbai, Baroda and Surat, to ensure girls are taught everything required in the industry and receive qualifications. The businesswoman says: “If I didn’t believe in myself, I wouldn’t have got this far and t
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