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being a Slimming Consultant for over twenty years I Love to Help People Feel Great About How They Look

Discover Your Personal Style and the Confidence That Comes with It.

From a quick night out to of tying a knot, I am here to help you achieve that. I can assist you to look at your best by being your best. Together, we can walk a journey to explore your beauty.

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At Slim Bodyline Clinic, we aim to provide the best beauty treatments in London and we’re ready to revitalise you, pamper you, and make you feel extra special. Our treatments are carried out by highly trained and skilled beauty therapists, ensuring you receive the best possible beauty care in a safe environment. Our slimming treatments come with a free consultation to understand our requirement so we can help you achieve your goal.

Services for All Age regardless of their gender

As an entrepreneur and qualified therapist, I want people to succeed

I am passionate about beauty and I want to teach everyone who feels the same to excel in life

I helped hundreds of students from all walks of life to become successful entrepreneurs throughout my career of over 24 years using my unique teaching techniques and extensive connections in the industry. 

I helped to train employees that would come with qualifications but little experience. They perfected their technique and adopted new skills and achieved better than what they were hoping for. Hence now I am doing the same for all those who are looking for direction in their lives so they are not lost and more people can thrive in the field of beauty just like me.


My Happy Students!

I took many courses with Bhavi including eyelash extensions, shellac, manicure, threading and tinting. This allowed me to earn an income at uni in my free periods. I would do treatments for other students either charging them or exchanging it for doing my chores. I earned money and had all my chores done for me so I highly recommended taking some courses. This is an excellent side hustle. Highly recommended.

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